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Default What is Nagravision 3

What is Nagravision 3?

Nagravision 3 is a version of Satellite Encryption technology introcued by the Kudelski Group in its latest attempt to block the underground community using modified hardware and software to descramble media content offered by various content providers.

Recently, popular satellite television provider Echostar Communications launched Nagravision 3 encryption on its Canadian B3v service offering. The new security measure required the replacement of prevision Nagravision 2 based conditional access modules (CAMs) on all subscriber equipment in order to dicipher paid satellite programming. EchoStar also plans to deploy Nagravision3 technology among its U.S. Based DN subscriber network in the last quarter of 2008 with full implementation to begin in the first quarter of 2009.

Shortly after the Nagravision 2, it did not take members of the hacking community long to work around the newer encryption technology. Soon just about every model of modified receiever and card programmer were able to circumvent the outdated technology and were again wathcing unencrypted programming without paying for it, which is illegal in most jurisdictions.

While Nagravision 3 has been existent and relatively unchallenged in other markets, the recent migration to Nagravion 3 on the B3v system has resulted in an increased effort to cirumvent the new technology. Former B3v recipients using illegal equipment either switched over to receive DN programming or began using a box from the manufacturer Nfusion. This Nfusion box to date remains the only modified Free-to-air satellite receiver to receive scrambled Nagravision 3 B3v media content.

Through a process of placing an emulated image of the new card and its decryption ability of an actual paying subscriber, the decryption keys are disseminated to other systems through an internet connection to the server. While this method allows for the viewing of some pay tv content, it does not provide for the viewing of extra paid services such as special event and pay-per-view programming.

The future of Nagravision 3 encryption technology is uncertain. Many in the underground community have made claims that the new technology has already been cracked and that when DN takes the plunge and implements the technology, a worldwide release of a fix will be released. maintains a constant involvement with these underground communities and will be moniotoring any advances made in the hacking of the technology and will inform you of such activity here.

Whenever considering the implementation of any security measure, it is important to know about the efforts to circumvent such security in order to enable you to make additional considerations in an effort to protect your paid content. Stay tuned to Nagravision for additional developments or install the FTA Toolbar to monitor all activity within the underground FTA community.

More on Nagravision: Three versions of Nagravision are in common use for digital satellite television, known as Nagravision, Nagravision Cardmagedon, and Nagravision Aladin. Nagravision Cardmagedon and Aladin are often confused with each other. Nagravision Cardmagedon is however, a complicated combination of Nagravision Aladin and Mediaguard SECA 2 encryption. The decryption unit is either integrated into a receiver, available as a conditional access module (CAM), or as one of many encryption schemes supported on a CAM emulator. Nagravision has been adopted all over the world as a conditional access system, with providers like Virgin Media in the UK and Dream Satellite TV Philippines (on Nagravision 1), Polsat of Poland, Digital+ Spain (now on Nagravision 3), TV Cabo Portugal, Premiere Germany, Digi TV Romania, Bell TV and Look Communications Canada and DN USA (On Nagravision A). Digital+ and Top Up TV are the only providers using Nagravision Cardmagedon (and also Nagravision Aladin) after its adoption in March 2005 and 2008 respectively. The original Nagravision 1 is now almost obsolete after it was originally compromised in 1999, although Dream Satellite maintain relative security by changing keys several times throughout the day, causing great inconvenience to unauthorized viewers. The Nagravision Aladin providers have been confronting the issue of satellite signal piracy and smart card piracy, since the system was publicly compromised in summer 2005. At first, security of the system was regained, with software revisions, manipulation of the Nagravision encryption algorithm, along with the phasing out of older cards, like the ROM101, ROM102, ROM103 in USA and ROM110,ROM120,ROM130 in Europe, in favour of the newer ROM142/ROM180. Card hackers have, however, continued to compromise the encryption system, with continued software and key releases being made available to the public. Software emulation of the Nagravision system has been implemented in many Free-To-Air Satellite receivers, allowing unauthorised viewing to those who do not own an official card.[citation needed]. As of the summer of 2008, the next version of Nagravision, nagra3, has not yet been compromised.
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what is nagravision 3

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