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Sonicview 360 Premier Instructions Sonicview 360 Premier Instructions. Get the latest Sonicview 360 Premier setup Instructions.

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Default Sonicview 360 Premier Ihub

What is the the Sonicview iHub?

The Sonicview iHub is a special device, known commonly as a “dongle” that connects to the serial port on your Sonicview 360 or HD 8000 FTA receiver and the internet through an Rj-45 Ethernet port.

What does the Sonicview iHub do?

The Sonicview iHub through a connection to the Internet enables your Sonicview 360 or HD 8000 receiver to download updates over the net and take advantage of the latest in FTA testing called IKS or Internet Key Sharing. With a connection to an IKS server, your box will download the required code words to decrypt Nagravision 2 and Nagravision 3 encrypted channels, such as those offered by Dish network and Bell Canada. Currently the primary server being used is at Right now, the server and files offered for the FTA testing community are ina Beta state, meaning its still being tweaked for the best performance and operation, so it may not always work. The server itself can be expected to go up and down without notice during this period.

Which receivers does the Sonicview iHub work for?

Currently, the Sonicview iHub is designed to support the Sonicview 360 Premier, Sonicview 360 Elite and Sonicview 8000 FTA receivers. Under development are plans for an additional device to support the Sonicview 1000, 1000PVR and 4000 units. As for other Sonicview models, it has not yet been decided if an additional similar product will be made available.

What channels will I get with the Sonicview iHub?

While the Sonicview is properly configured, connected, and using the latest released files FTA Testers could be able to enjoy decrypted content from Dish Network, Bell Canada, Globeast, Sky and other encrypted satellite provider networks. Note however, that using any device for the purpose of decrypting satellitie content is most likely illegal in your jurisdiction and we can not and will not condone such use. We provide this information for education purposes only regarding the flaws in the Nagravision encryption system deeloped by the Kudelski Group.

Is the Sonicview iHub the only way to get back Bell Canada and Dish Network channels that are encrypted with Nagravision 3?

For the entire line of Sonicview FTA receivers, the only solution for Nagravsion 3 encrypted channels is in fact an iHub IKS solution for the Sonicview 360 and HD 8000 receivers. There may be additional options in the future, however none have yet to be introduced.

How do I setup my Sonicview iHub?

We have created a setup guide that shows how to install and configure the Sonicview iHub to get things up and running. We will do our best to keep the documention updated to provide the best overall helpful information.

My receiver is in my other room. How can I get internet access in there without running a cable?

There are sevaral ways to extend your ethernet connection to a location near your receiver and iHub device. One of the easiest is to use a "Powerline Ethernet Adapter" and connect one at your router, switch or modem and the other at your receiver. If you already have a wireless network setup in your home you can use a wireless network bridge to connect your Sonicview iHub ethernet port. Connect your WIFI Ethernet Bridge device to both the iHub and the wireless connection.

How fast does my Internet connection need to be for the Sonicview iHub to work with IKS?

The Sonicview iHub needs a constant always on Internet connection to work with IKS. This makes high speed dsl and cable Internet options ideal for your Sonicview iHub connection. The iHub should work fine with slower 56K modems and ISDN however a dedicated line is required or else your phone service would be interrupted. If you pay for per minute usage charges for your Internet connection, that could be very expensive and is not recommended. If using Dialup however, you will need to setup your PC with Internet Connection sharing and connect your iHub Ethernet port to your PC's ethernet port using a crossover ethernet cable, unless you already have this setup and use a router, switch or hub to connect other devices. Speeds over 28 kbps should be sufficient as you need only download a small segment of code from the server at periodic intervals.

How do I setup the iHub on a wired home ethernet network?

Connecting your Sonicview iHub to your home network is very simple. Basically, plug one end into the receiver and the ethernet port using a standard cat5 or cat6 cable to an available port on your router, switch or hub.

How do I change back from and iHub file to a standalone non-IKS file?

If you installed an iHub file on a Sonicview receiver and you wish to remove it, load the system cleaner file for your model and then reload your favorite standalone file. Remove the iHub if it is still connected.

If your screen turns to black and white press yellow button , then up arrow , then left ....this should turn the color back on check your guide and menu if the guide is black repeat to return to NTSF and this should return all color.

Look at bottom of screen for how to input the letters.

How do I enter the serial number for iHub?

The serial number for the iHub as well as many electronic devices is in hexidecimal. Hexidecimal (commonly referred to simply as "Hex") only has 16 characters. They are the digits 0 through 9 and the letters A through F. If you look at the serial number for your iHub you will notice the letters are small lower case letters and may be hard to read. For instance the letter "e" may look like a letter "o" with a slash through the middle but trust me it is an "e". When you go to the setup screen for entering the serial number look at the bottom of your screen and you will see a key for which remote buttons to use for the letters. Now just simply enter them and save and you are done.

Click here to Download the Sonicview iHUB Manual.
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